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Pappu during the Maths

Pappu during the Maths examination to his Teacher: Sir what’s the date today?
Teacher: Never mind the date. The exam answers are more important.
Pappu: Well Sir I wanted to have something right on my paper!

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Awesome msg

Awesome msg:

Ek Sach Chupa Hota Hai :- Jab Koi Kisi Ko Kehta Hai Ki “Mazaak Tha Yaar”.

Ek Feeling Chupi Hoti Hai :- Jab Koi Kehta Hai “Mujhe Koi Farq Nahi Padta”.

Ek Dard Chupa Hota Hai :- Jab Koi Kehta Hai “Its Ok”.

Ek Zarurat Chupi Hoti Hai :- Jab Koi Kehta Hai “Mujhe Akela Chhod Do”.

Ek Gehri Baat Chupi Hoti Hai :- Jab Koi Kehta Hai “Pata Nahi”.

Ek Samundar Chupa Hota Hai
Baato Ka :- Jab Koi “Khamosh Rehta Hai”…..

Isi liye ek Open Heart Surgery unit k baahar likha huwa tha k….

“Agar Dil Khol Lete Apne Yaaro Ke Saath
To Aaj Kholna Na Padta Auozaro K Saath”
“Share Life With True Friends”

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10 Ways To Melt A Girl’s Heart

10 Ways To Melt A Girl’s Heart
1. Call Her When You’re Feeling Sad :’)
2. In The Middle Of A Conversation Tell Her
How Much You Love Her !!
3. Ask To See A Picture Of Her When She
A Child…
4. Sometyms Call Her By Her First and
Names.. :’*
5. Call Her Just Before When You Are Going
Any Special Place..
6. Always Notice When She’s Wearing
Something New..
7. Put Your Arms Around Her When You
Introduce Her To Your Friends And
Family.. !!
8. Try Desperately To Make Her Laugh
Feeling Down.
9. Hug Her When She Gets Jealous And
Make It
A Tight One..
10. When She’s Feeling Insecure Stare Into
Eyes And Tell Her “There Is No- One In The
World Who Could Be As Lovely As She Is !
Girls Agree With Me…

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